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Get Started Schedule for Payments of Membership and Operations The following schedules pertain to the initial expectations of expenses and all related costs associated with the Live Oak Flyers Club, LLC, and the airplane(s).  Two types of Membership, a “Full Membership” or a “Limited Membership” are recognized.  Payments are illustrated for each membership type: Full Membership 1. Monthly Dues -- $311.56 2. Maintenance Usage -- $24/ hour 3. Membership Fee -- $3000  (This membership fee can be paid at $75/month over 40 months). Limited Membership 1. Usage Fee -- $55 per hour for Cessna 172; $65 per hour for Piper Warrior 2. Membership Fee -- $600 (after initial down payment of $100, balance can be paid @ $25/hour used). These schedules are to be updated annually based on costs and expense projections for maintaining the airplane(s) and the LLC. Additional Expense Expectations: Fuel About 7 gal/hour Present price = $ 3.90/gal Instruction Mark Fessler presently charges $30/hour
Limited Membership Agreement of Live Oak Flyers’ Club, LLC The Membership Agreement is in Microsoft Word format.  Click the button below to open, read, and print. If you experience problems opening the document, please contact us.
come fly with us Membership Agreement Membership Agreement